Recording all plants growing wild in Somerset, not just the rarities!

Abbreviations for members

Photographs and other contributions to the site are identified by the following initials:

AB Anne Bodley
AS Alastair  Stevenson 
ATC Anne Cole
CB Chris Billinghurst 
CHS Cath Shellswell 
CK Clare Kitchen 
CJG Caroline Giddons
CM Chris Metherell
CML Clive Lovatt 
CLo Christine Loudon
DH Dee Holladay
EJMcD Liz McDonnell
EMcD Ellen McDouall
FJR Fred Rumsey
GEL Graham Lavender
GL Graham Lavender
GHR Gill Read
HJC  Helena  Crouch 
IGR Mrs I G Roe
ITS Ian Salmon
JMcG James McGill
JP John Poingdestre
JW Jeanne Webb
LH Libby Houston
MARK Mark Kitchen
MAW Margaret  Webster
MHE Margarete  Earle
MJS Matt Stribley 
PMM Pam Millman
RBGR Capt. Robert Roe
RDR Rob Randall
RF Ro FitzGerald
RFitzG Ro  FitzGerald 
RFG Ro FitzGerald
RGC Bob  Corns 
SJL Simon Leach
SJP Steve Parker
TCGR  Tim  Rich
VG Val Graham


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